Arıx Travel Istanbul

In November of 2015, our company was formed under the name of Arix Transportation. In January of 2017, the founder of our company, Veli Ari and Anwar Turkistani, made a decision to invest and expand the scope of our business, by forming Arix Domestic and Foreign Trade Ltd. Corporation.

Arix Travel Istanbul became a branch of Arix Domestic and Foreign Trade ltd. Corporation. Generally, we work with guests who are foreign to our wonderful country. We assist our guests with accommodation, business and touristic travels.

We are a, completely customer satisfaction orientated company. In order to serve an unparalleled legendary customers service experience, we continuously provide special training to our staff members. In the contemporary globalizing world, we are always enhancing our knowledge, experience and abilities to adapt to daily events with our fantastic staff members to serve our valued guests by always keeping them secure and exceeding their customer expectation.

  • Experts at what we do
  • Secure and Comfortable
  • 24/7 Service
01 Our Mıssıon

We are a company that is persistent to always enhance our understanding and ability to satisfy our guests. Each and every staff member is valued in our company, and each member is seen as a future manager. Each staff member is equal and no one is superior to one another. Authenticity and trustworthiness produce devoted persons. We are not a company that solely functions for profit; we are always on the side of education and self-improvement to produce staff members that are devoted to offering legendary customer service.

02 Our Vısıon

At Arix Travel Istanbul team work is prominent. Each staff member without exception is responsible for proper completion and function of every daily task. This means no matter which department a staff member might work at, they are to track, oversee and make sure other staff members are completing their responsibilities to the highest standard. Our greatest difference from other tourism and travel companies is treating our staff members with the respect and value they deserve. Our foundation is built upon recognizing the importance of education. We are obliged to pass this message to all our staff members.